Au Ruttima Gulyanon

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Au Ruttima Gulyanon
Au as Yor Praklin


  • Name: Thanamas Kwunwarn
  • Nick Name: Au
  • New Name: Ruttima Gulyanon
  • Birthday: January 18th, 1984
  • Pet: Dog
  • Favorite Dish: Sea food
  • Birthplace: Nakorn Sri Thammarart (But she's actually Song Kla)--From The South--
  • Past: 2nd runner up in Miss Teen Thailand 2000
      Miss Southern Popular Vote in Miss Thailand 2002
     (I can't really remember but I think she was also in Miss Thailand Universe also)
     But Au would always enter every pageant. Even pageants in her every school she went to she would always have to enter the
     pagaent and would always win. Au competed in all the southern areas and won all of her competitions.
  • Favorite Pra Aek in Lakornpuenbarn: Boy Brinya Boonsakul and Art Sathrah Sriwilai
  • Favorite Nang Aek in Lakornpuenbarn: Kob Suvanant Kongying and Nook Suthida
  • Favorite Sport: Badmitton
  • Quote: Tum Wun Nee Hai Dee Tee Sood---Do today the best you can---
  • Style Music: Pop Rock/Basically any kind/Luktung and etc.


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