Malai Sarm Chai (2010)

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Malai Sarm Chai


  • Title: มาลัยสามชาย / Malai Sarm Chai
  • Also known as: Flower Garland for 3 Men
  • Duration: 45 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Period/Romance
  • Popularity: Rating of 7
  • Air time: Monday - Thursday (Prime Time)
  • Broadcast network: Channel 5
  • Broadcast period: September 21, 2010 --- December 7, 2010
  • Theme songs:

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Paoun Juntrasiri
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Exact-Scenario
  • Background Music: Sarawut Lertpanyanuch
  • Sound Mixing: Fidelio (Bangkok)
  • Photography: Jiran Pianrakkarn
  • Marketing: Piyanan Jankalom
  • Filming Locator: Tatchapon Yuphaphin
  • Costume Designer: Khunsomchai Kaewthong


Synopsis/Review 1

“Lhaor orn” is a particular lady living through 5 period of monarchy. There has been a lot in her life which make her undergo marriages for 3 times. Surrounded people have eyes on her very carefully. Still, she finally has herself acceptable by living valuably and gracefully.

Lhaor orn is a beautiful daughter of Sir Worapan and Lady Jamriang, yet her mother passed away since she was so young. Her Auntie, Jaruay brought her in the palace since then. She graduates from manner-training girl school and live as a royal highness’ service in palace ever since. She becomes one of woman courtiers out of the question. Later on, she gets married with “Yod Platorn”. But once she is disappointed with marriage life, she has got courage to leave him and escapes from “Platorn Family”, then live lonely as a proud widow.

When it comes to her second marriage, it seems everyone wonders if she could get as rich and honorable as the former. However they got surprised when her new husband fully outclassed her past one.

Lhaor orn is happy with her fine and dependable husband. Yet, when her second husband was dead, she has got enough rational reasons for the third marriage. He is a noble, single doctor from the North. It doesn’t seem he is compatible with a widow with kids in any ways.

Lhaor orn has lived a delightful life, and at the same time coped with the hardships in life in terms of balancing righteous and suitability. She has to face all the sensuality and jealousy involved her in moments of her living. What is the conclusion in the end…to be continued in Lady Lhaor orn.

Credits to Han Media Culture[1]

Synopsis/Review 2

The life story of Laorn a woman who has goodness and kindness and as pure as a wreath garland takes a turn when luck would betray her by bringing her to get into situations where she must have up to 3 husbands in her life. The 3 men are different in personality and style. Her first husband is Yot Pluton a happy go party person. He is her first love that shows her the dark side of love. The 2nd man in her life is Tape Ratsak a commanding officer in the military who is strong and stable. He is like the pillar and rock for Laorn, but as luck would have it he would be taken from her. After that she meets Jao Direk or Jor. He is a young surgeon that is handsome in all ways. He is like a magical well that brings her back to life once again.

The entire time regardless of her having have 3 husbands in her life Laorn is still admired by the people who knew her because of her kindness and the morals she held within her heart. Different from Tong Pairam a young woman from the Yellow Mask Brothel. Tong Pairam uses her charms to lure many men into her clutches. Not only does she ruin Laorn’s family, but she also causes the demise of many other men.

Kanong the most close and loyal servant of Yot even betrays his benefactor for Tong Pairam, but in the end he is killed by Kong Bai who is Yot’s horseback trainer and another lover of Tong Pairam. Narin a young man who is innocent to the world and the son of Jao Khun Narapibalur is also pulled into this trecherous circle which would lead to a tragedy between father and son

Laorn and Tong Pairam when come across one another they fight like water and fire, but luck would play tricks on them and bring them to constantly be involved with one another. The quiet and peaceful world of Laorn falls apart because the Lust and fire from Tong Pairom constantly consumes her.

Source: TLCThai

Synopsis/Review 3

After her mother dies, La-Aor Aon (Aom) is brought to live in the royal palace with her Aunt Jaruay (Ple). When La-Aor Aon is introduced to the people in the palace and surrounding, everyone praises her maturity and predicts that she will grow into a beautiful, kind hearted woman. La-Aor Aon meets Jao Yot Palatorn, the favorite son of a wealthy and high ranking government official and befriends him. Fast forward many years later, La-Aor Aon has indeed grown into a beautiful and pure hearted young woman and exceeds everyone's expectations. Again, she meets Yot Palatorn (Captain), her childhood friend, who just returned from schooling in England. When Yot Palatorn sees the beautiful La-Aor Aon, he falls in love with her at first sight and proposes to her the next day. Weeks later, Yot Palatorn weds La-Aor Aon and for a short time, they are a happy couple. However, when Kanong (Puri), Yot Palatorn's most trusted servant introduces Yot to Tongpairum (Pang), a prostitute who works at a famous brothel in town, Yot is smitten with her. Tongpairum is not your typical nang'rai but much, much worse. She is the kind of woman that sleeps with any man, whether old or young, handsome or not. After getting acquainted with Yot, she devises a plan so Yot will let her live in the Palatorn house, to which Yot agrees with no hesitation. As soon as Tongpairum enters the house, everything changes. Yot's brothers and sisters try to aware him that Tongpairum is no woman to be close to but Yot does not listen under any circumstances. La-Aor Aon could no longer take it so she divorces the now stupid, meaningless, Yot. At this point, Khun Tep Rattasak, a high ranking military officer, has just lost his wife due to childbirth. Both the mother and unborn child dies leaving Tep Rattasak (Kong) and his young daughter, Noo Yim, behind. A short while after Tep Rattasak's wife's death, he proposes to La-Aor Aon and weds her accordingly. This time, La-Aor Aon experiences the true meaning of love but later fate would again take its course and her happy days will be numbered. Years later, La-Aor Aon and Tep Rattasak are raising one happy family with Noo Yim, the eldest daughter, a son named Det, and another soon to be born child. Unfortunately, Tep Rattasak is called into military service and dies on the line of duty. At this point, Yot Palatorn and Tongpairum are also blessed with two sons, Khun Noo Daeng and Khun Noo Tauy, which really aren't Yot Palatorn's blood. Unbeknownst to himself and his family, Yot Palatorn is unable to conceive children. Khun Noo Daeng was actually conceived by Tongpairum and her affair with Kanong while Khun Noo Tauy is the son from Tongpairum's affair with Bai (R), a stable manager. More drama unfolds when Khun Noo Daeng dies, which was the result of a murder by Bai. In order to seek revenge for his son, Kanong decides to confess the truth to Yot Palatorn. However, Kanong is kicked out of the estate beforehand. Desperate to avenge his son's death, Kanong does not give up. He sneaks back into the Palatorn house and accidentally kills Khun Noo Tauy. Kanong is caught red handed and nearly beaten to death by Yot Palatorn. This time, he tells the whole truth to everyone. When he was done, Kanong was beheaded by Bai, who flees the scene after the murder. Tongpairum, on the other hand, is unmasked and kicked out of the Palatorn house. On with La-Aor Aon. Even without her husband Tep Rattasak, La-Aor Aon is still strong and manages to raise all of her children. Noo Yim (View) has now grown into a beautiful young woman and her younger brother, Det, is around ten or eleven years of age. After Tep Rattasak dies, La-Aor Aon goes into early labor with the help of Jao Direk Ruj, a young, handsome doctor who is of royal blood. La-Aor Aon gives birth to a healthy but premature baby girl, whom everyone refers to as Noo Lek. Yot Palatorn, who is now going bankrupt and in heavy debt, decides to return to La-Aor Aon. Using his older sister, Prayong (Kik), as a staircase, Yot intends to climb back his way back to La-Aor Aon, who is now in love with Jao Direk Ruj. Unfortunately, Prayong can't do much as she is now severely ill. Nevertheless, the now penniless Yot, still seeks aid from her and his other elder sisters, whom he once turned his back on. Yot's brothers and sisters know that Yot went broke because of Tongpairum but when they try to talk to him about it and mention his debts, he shrugs it off like it's no big deal because the only thing on his mind is getting La-Aor Aon back. At this point, the shameless Tongpairum falls into the hands of the high ranking military official, Khun Narapibarn (Ton) and becomes his mistress. Shortly afterwards, Tongpairum has an affair with the freshly heartbroken son of Khun Narapibarn, Narin (Ball). Narin just recently came back from studying abroad and meets Noo Yim, whom he falls for at first sight. Unfortunately, Narin's father has a grudge against Tep Rattasak so he prevents Narin from seeing Noo Yim. Furthermore, Khun Narapibarn forces Narin to marry La-Aor Aon's much younger half sister, Roong Ravee (Fang). When Narin could no longer stand his new wife wife, Roong Ravee, he runs away and decides to live in seclusion. However, Tongpairum catches up with and seduces him. This leads to the tragic death of Narin and his father Khun Narapibarn. Finally, Jao Direk Ruj confesses his love for La-Aor Aon, to which La-Aor Aon accepts. Once again, La-Aor Aon's life is fulfilled with happiness and joy. She has a man to complete her life and help take care of her kids. Together, Jao Direk Ruj and La-Aor Aon live happily together in their warm home in Chiang Mai. As for Tongpairum, she dies in the hospital with AIDS. Yot Palatorn, who is no longer accepted by anyone, lives and dies in seclusion.


Awards and Nominations

(Nataraj Awards 2010)

  • Best lakorn: "Malai 3 Chai"
  • Best Art Direction: "Malai 3 Chai"
  • Best script: "Malai 3 Chai"
  • Best cast: "Malai 3 Chai
  • Best leading Actor: Captain Putanate
  • Best lakorn director: Paoun Juntrasiri
  • Best leading Actress Nominate:Aom phiyada
  • Best supporting Actor Nominate: kong
  • Best supporting Actor Nominate: puri

(Top Awards 2010)

  • Best lakorn: "Malai 3 Chai"
  • Best lakorn director: Paoun Juntrasiri
  • Best leading Actor Nominate: Captain Putanate
  • Best leading Actress Nominate: Aom phiyada
  • Best supporting Actor Nominate: puri
  • Best supporting Actress Nominate: Pang

(KomChadLuek Award 2010)

  • Best lakorn Nominate: "Malai 3 Chai"
  • Best script Nominate: "Malai 3 Chai"
  • Best leading Actor Nominate: Captain Putanate
  • Best leading Actress Nominate:Aom phiyada

(TV Gold Awards 2010)

  • Best lakorn director: Paoun Juntrasiri
  • Best lakorn Nominate: "Malai 3 Chai"
  • Best Art Direction Nominate: "Malai 3 Chai"
  • Best leading Actor Nominate: Captain Putanate
  • Best leading Actress Nominate:Aom phiyada
  • Best supporting Actor Nominate: puri

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International Broadcast

Country Network Name
Vietnam Let's Viet VTC9 Kiếp Hoa Buồn

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