Wan Thanakrit Panichawit

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Wan Thanakrit
Wan Thanakrit
Wan Thanakrit


  • Name: Thanakrit Panichawit (ธนกฤต พานิชวิทย์)
  • Nickname: Wan (ว่าน) aka Wan AF2
  • Profession: singer/actor/song writer/DJ
  • Date of birth: Aug. 12, 1985
  • Birthplace: Nonthaburi, Thailand
  • Height: 180cm
  • Marital Status: Dating Fang Dhanantorn Neerasingh
  • Hobbies:
  • Education: Bachelor Degree Ratchapat Jankasem University (Faculty of Humanities and Social Science)

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Wan was one of the 12 contestants of Academy Fantasia Season 2. He's also known as Wan AF2. Waan is currently a DJ at two radio stations. He's a DJ as 89Banana on Monday through Friday from 4-6PM, and at 94EFM on Saturday and Sunday at 2-5PM with Phanupol Ekpetch (Jo AF2). Aside from being a singer, actor, and a DJ, he's also a song writer.





  • Honda Click
  • Phillip Light Bulb
  • 7-11

Written Songs

Songs Sang During AF2

  • week 1 - "Mod Kum Tarm"
  • week 2 - "Piang Sob Tah"
  • week 3 - "Kid Marg" and "Lek Lek Noy Noy"
  • week 4 - "Len Kong Soong"
  • week 5 - "Song Ruk" and "Sia Mai" (with AF2 males)
  • week 6 - ???
  • week 7 - "Krabee Rai Tiam Tarn"
  • week 8 - "Prom Likit" and "Sook Gun Ter Rao" (with AF2)


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