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(TV Series)
(TV Series)
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*[[Lep Krut]] (Ch.7 2018) with [[Cee Siwat Chottichaicharin]]
*[[Lep Krut]] (Ch.7 2018) with [[Cee Siwat Chottichaicharin]]
*[[Wimarn Montra]] with [[Eak Rungsiroj Phanpeng]] (Ch.7 2020)
*[[Wimarn Montra]] with [[Eak Rungsiroj Phanpeng]] (Ch.7 2020)
*[[Tawan Arb Dao]] with [[Kem Hussawee Pakrapongpisan]] and [[Thisa Varitthisa Limthammahisorn]] (Ch.7 2020)
== Movies ==
== Movies ==

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Yui Jiranan


  • Name: Jiranan Manojaem จีรนันท์ มะโนแจ่ม
  • Nickname: Yui (ยุ้ย)
  • Profession: Actress/Director
  • Date of birth: February 18, 1981
  • Birthplace: Singhburi, Thailand
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Star sign: Aquarius
  • Blood type: B
  • Marital Status: Married to Thun Thanakorn
  • Hobbies:
  • Education: Vocational-High Vocational, Chonburi College and Faculty of Humanities, Ramkhamhaeng University -Graduate

About Yui

Yui Jiranun's family was poor, she work as waitress before she keep studying. “It was tiring,” said Yui. “Once I graduated, I’m not tried anymore. I feel that what I have endured, strive for so long, 6 years to date, has been completed. My grade point average might be low, it was only 2.4, but I have worked for the past 9 years and simultaneously went to school. My job has been laborious, to have earned this much. I’m satisfied” she said. Providing us with an explanation for her GPA, In 2012 she open acting school call 'Speed One'. Now she open the restaurant at Saraburi, Thailand

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